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Imagine if you had an aerial view of your town or suburb and it showed you which homeowners are considering selling in the next 18 months?!

Imagine if you had a proven process to nurture those homeowners so that YOU are their trusted agent when they are ready to sell?!

Imagine if you had an amazingly compelling incentive to allow you to give them an appraisal or list with you?!

Do you think you would have a LOT more listings?

That is exactly what my Residential Listings Accelerator does!

It’s a powerful 3-step process to help you dominate listings in your area.

1. Identify homeowners who are considering selling in the next 18 months
2. Nurturing them so you become their trusted advisor
3. Offering them an amazing incentive to take the next step


The Residential Listings Accelerator is available to only one approved agent in your area. If that’s you, no other agent will have access as long as you’re a paying member.

Hi, I’m Craig Wilson

I grew up in a real estate family. My parents owned an agency in Newcastle, NSW since I was a young boy. They eventually expanded to 6 offices in the region and developed a large industrial estate.

While I went off to study Land Economy in college, I soon found I was much better at the marketing side of things. This eventually led to me owning a successful advertising agency and working with numerous leading companies in the property industry.
My clients have included: Colliers International, PRD Nationwide, Crown Group, Tamaki NZ, Kahawai Point NZ and Providence Ripley (Queensland).

This combination of experiences, plus working with some of the greatest property marketers in Australia and the USA, has led to the Residential Listings Accelerator…a proven and amazingly effective process for agents to win consistently more residential listings.

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