2020 Accelerated Growth Plan

In an Accelerated Growth Plan I take you through the proven steps you need to build reliable and accelerated new business growth for your business. They’re all addressed in a specific order to ensure everything is exactly right.

We will help you:

  •  Identify your ideal target market
  • Craft clear & compelling messaging
  • Create a lead magnet to attract new leads from that market
  • Create a paid traffic strategy, complete with ad copy
  • Create an organic traffic strategy (usually an SEO plan)
  • Create a Hero Product to make it easier to start working with you
  • Construct an easy lead nurturing plan
  • Settle on a conversion strategy
  • Map an easy-to-follow, reliable set of metrics for better decisions
The end result is a proven plan that allows you to start generating more leads, enquiries and sales sooner.

How it works….

1. Accelerated Planning Session 

I’ll spend a full day with you to design your Accelerated Growth Plan. This can be done in my office in Newcastle, at your location or via Zoom video.

2. Accelerated Implementation

Then my team and I will create and implement all the agreed elements of your plan in the next 30 days so you can start generating more leads and clients sooner.

3. Campaign Management & Reporting

My team and I will manage and fine tune your plan to ensure optimal lead flow and campaign efficiency. We’ll be available for fortnightly feedback calls and will provide monthly reporting. Everything is aimed at delivering you the agreed results. 


If you don’t generate at least 25% in additional revenue (annualised client value) with our Accelerated Growth Plan in the next 12 months, I’ll refund our fees. 
Of course, you MUST actually implement the plan and let us manage it properly. I only want to work with people seriously committed to growing their business…and that’s why I am happy to offer the guarantee.
This puts the responsibility on me and my team to perform. All you need to do is commit to the plan, give us honest feedback and allow us to make changes where necessary to hit the targets.


Our standard fee for the Accelerated Planning and Implementation (month 1) is $9500+GST, followed by 11 months Campaign Management at $1500+GST per month = $26000+GST

However, if you sign & commit before 31 December, 2019 we will waive the Planning & Implementation fee. 

Until 31 December: $1500+GST per month for 12 months = $18000+GST


You must sign and commit prior to midnight 31 December, 2019. Standard fees apply from 1 January 2020.

You must pay by Credit Card monthly, charged first week of the month.

Minimum 12 months commitment.

You’ll also need to allow for a Facebook ad budget (direct to Facebook) or a potential LinkedIn outreach campaign (depending upon final strategy) as part of your lead generation. An indicative starting budget is $500 per month.

Travel Fees: If Craig has to travel to your location for the Planning Session, flights and / or fuel and accommodation for one night. To be reimbursed after booking.

  • Yes, I agree to participate in the 2020 Accelerated Growth Plan 

    You won’t be charged until the first week of January, 2020.